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Our Story

Hi, I'm Kailaa (:

I am someone who believes a woman can truly do it all. From heavy lifting, to the design elements, to the creativity aspect, to building, etc.  As I continue to grow in this industry I know none of this is possible without an amazing team.  I believe everybody deserves the perfect event they've dreamed of and our team works really hard to create that experience for you.  I Do Rentals was started by a perfect couple with the most amazing story; they started by building unique handmade products.  As we have grown together, getting to know one another, we share one common goal and that is we truly believe this next phase of I Do Rentals AZ is going to be taken to the next level with the big ideas I have planned for it.  My dream is to continue what they've created and build upon their legacy, to make unique handmade products you won't find anywhere else.  I look forward to meeting, designing for, and working with all of you.

I Do Rentals AZ - Best event and wedding rentals
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