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Classic Arbor

Classic Arbor

  • As seen in Arizona Weddings Magazine (see photo #2, the pink sunset photo)!
  • Rectangular
  • Wood
  • 8ft. H x 5ft. W x 3ft. D


The Classic Arbor, is just that, a classic. This 8H x 5W x 3D  rectangular arbor is perfectly simplistic yet boldly beautiful. Add fabric, florals, or greenery; the possibilities with this classic arch are endless. It creates the perfect stage for any ceremony style.


Chuppahs have rules but they do not need to be square: 

Rabbi Micah Peltz of Temple Beth Shalom in Cherry Hill, NJ states: “A Chuppah must be open on 4 sides and it must be covered on top, but it does not need to be square.”


Jewish Law States: 

  • A Chuppah may be any shape (rectangular, square, round, etc.). 
  • A Chuppah must have 4 poles & be open on all sides.
  • A Chuppah must be covered above with the tallit (prayer cloth) or a cloth or sheet of the same fabric as a tallit (wool or linen).
  • A Chuppah is about 2ft. higher than the tallest person beneath it.
  • A Chuppah may be decorated in any way you choose.
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