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Custom Arch Wall

Custom Arch Wall


The only limit is your immagination! This is the best Custom Arch Wall rental because it INCLUDES your very own custom vinyl and paint color! Turn this high-demand piece into your own vision that will inspire your guests! This grand, fun, functional wall will set the vibe of your wedding or event. It's a modern twist and unique alternative to the standard parting gift table.  What color and vinyl decals will you choose? Need help creating a vision? Just ask us, we're here to help make your day or evening event memorable and distinctive beyond compare! 


  • Dimensions 7'H x 8'W 
  • INCLUDES custom vinyl (phrase, decal shapes, etc.) 
  • INCLUDES custom paint color


Pairs well with Dance Floor, Hexagon Cocktail Tables, the White Bar, and Cake Tables. 


  • Size


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