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Bloom Box Signs

Bloom Box Signs


$75 EACH


A.  Curved Bloom Box Sign   4in. D x 1.5ft. W x 2ft. H 

B.  A-Frame Bloom Box Sign   3.5ft. W x 4ft. H approximation

C.  Picture Frame Bloom Box Sign   4in. D x 2ft. W x 3ft. H


  • Included: custom paint color & custom vinyl. Need ideas? We’re here to help!
  • Not included: flowers, greenery, easel.
  • Easel: available for small charge upon request (not shown, please request photo).
  • Rent all 3: for upscale signage for Welcome / Entry, Dessert Bar, Cocktail Bar, Yard Games, Gift Table, Directionals, etc.



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