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Dance Floors

Dance Floors


I Do Rentals AZ offers two indoor / outdoor dance floors to rent:

  • Light maple dance floor
  • Dark maple dance floor


There are three indoor / outdoor dance floor rental size options: 

  • 12x12 dance floor rental (50 guests):  $350
  • 16x16 dance floor rental (100 guests): $450
  • 20x20 dance floor rental (150 guests): $550
  • Note: We cannot set up our dance floors on top of dirt or gravel nor anywhere near dirt or gravel.  A 100% dirt-free, 100% gravel-free, flat surface is required.
  • Info

    Dance floor can be set up indoor or outdoors just as long as it's on a flat surface away from any dirt or rocks.  

    *We cannot set up dance floor on dirt or near dirt and rocks*

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