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Modern Arbor / Chuppah

Modern Arbor / Chuppah

  • Square
  • Metal
  • Matte Black
  • 6ft. W x 6ft. D x 8ft. H


This clean, modern, matte black, metal, square design is popular & creates the perfect stage for all wedding ceremonies & denominations. This streamlined, simplistic, bold Modern Arbor stands alone regally. Add fabric, greenery, or florals if you prefer; the possibilities with this arch are endless. It can be decorated and placed over the cake table too to create stunning photos.


The Modern Arbor is also rented as a square Chuppah. Cover it with the tallit to create the perfect Jewish ceremony.  The Chuppah represents heaven opening to fulfill the couple’s prayers & the required covering signifies how God will now & always protect & shield the couple.  The chuppah, huppah, chipe, chupah, or chuppa symbolizes the presence of God over the covenant of marriage and the home the couple will build together. The chuppah is an open canopy with 4 poles, under which a Jewish couple stands during their wedding ceremony. A cloth sheet, sometimes called a tallit, is stretched or draped over the top of the structure. 


Jewish Law States: 

  • A Huppah may be any shape (square, rectangular, round, etc.). 
  • A Huppah must have 4 poles & be open on all sides.
  • A Huppah must be covered above with the tallit (prayer cloth) or a cloth or sheet of the same fabric as a tallit (wool or linen).
  • A Huppah is about 2ft. higher than the tallest person beneath it.
  • A Huppah may be decorated in any way you choose.


Pairs well with Aisle Pillars, Aisle Rugs, and all ceremony seating options. 

Add any Huppah, Arbor, or Arch over or behind the cake or sweetheart table too, to add dimension to photos.

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